Wackiest Team Building Ideas


Whenever you say team building events, people’s eye’s suddenly glaze over. So we went to the Google and compiled the wackiest list of team building activities that would scare even the bravest HR managers.

The Face of Terror.


Why not participate as a “Hostage” in which “participants are sitting in a board room when a bunch of actors dressed as army members (terrorizers)  storm the room and kidnap the CEO or a briefcase containing secret company documents (Fridge clear out schedule)  They are told that they must comply with the hostage takers’ demands to free the person or case.

Nude Japanese Bath houses

If you are doing business in Japan or dreaming of doing business in Japan then get comfortable in your birthday suits. Also known as the “Naked Relationship,” In which you bathe in public bath houses with prospects and managers to establish a new “pecking” order. The Japanese believe that this openness can lead to trust and repor ! Who knew!

As seen here in 7 Corporate Team Building Ideas. Spoiler Alert: Giant Water Slide ! 

Coca Cola Fun


Don’t let the name deceive you, this team building activity consists of consuming a can of coke and then spitting it into your co workers mouth. Still not sure if the last person has to swallow.

Bubble Soccer

Balls + People Being Hit = Team Building Fun.

Watch the video below as Bubble Soccer and other Team building Ideas are discussed below !

Which ones would you try? Heard or tried a crazier team building event? Let’s hear it!

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