Top 7 Corporate Team Building Ideas.

We all have been there, a room full of people you hardly know at a business conference.  Or entering your first job as graduate. Being in a room full of people that you don’t know can be nerve racking and frankly quite scary so we compiled a list of team building activities that will sure to get people to warm up.

Wouldn’t it be nice if HR decided to throw some of these awesome activities in your work day ? Well, most of these are cheap and very easy to run. We start you off with some simple ice breakers then we turn the fun up to 11.

1. Circle of Love


Team Building Activities in Sydney

Participants are given 5 minutes to find out as much information about the person to the left and are asked one by one to take  2 minutes to tell the group everything that they know about that person.

Perfect for: Team building, getting to know a new group, networking events, graduates, interns, accountants

Size: Any size groups

2. Perfect Pitch


Team Building Activities

Teams are grouped into even teams. Every team comes up with 3 random words written on a small piece of paper.  Words are all put together and every group gets to choose 2 random words from the pile.
Now every group has 5 minutes to come up with a business idea using those 2 words and then every group needs to do a 2 minute pitch
Perfect for: Execs, Entrepreneurs, Networking events
Size: Length of time and group size can be adjusted

3. Tic Tac Toe Frisbee


Office Athletes Tick Tac Toe Frisbee

Instead of the usual picnic take masking tape and turn it into grids then grab a few freebees and relive your child hood game of playing Tic Tac Toe. No better way to challenge your hand eye coordination

Warning: Game is not as easy it looks. 

Perfect for: Engineers,  Interns, Tradesmen,

SIZE:  2 people

4. Twister Out Doors


Who needs regular twister played indoors when you can play office wide twister and making it ginormous!!!! Simply purchase red, blue, orange, green environmentally friendly spray paints.
Download this Twister App and have a barrel of laughs and hopefully not too many harassment suits
Perfect for: Team building outdoor activities,  getting to know a new group,  people who do yoga at the office
Size: Any size groups

5. Fantastic Voyage 


Slip And Slide

Ditch the Office Chair, find yourself a hill find yourself a big tarp,  soap it up with dish detergent and a bucket of water.
Now do your best not to laugh when sliding down this GIANT WATER SLIDE !!!
Perfect for: Team building fun games outside, Hot days, Lunch BBQ’s, Marketing Companies.
Size: Entire company or until the water runs dry

6. Bubble Soccer


Bubble Soccer Sydney Team Building Activity

Want to show off your fitness level and athleticism to your managers while hurting only their egos? Well this team bonding activity will literally knock  their socks off without the assault charges. Participants gets to roll, knock and sock it to the guy in the lunchroom that chews too loudly. Bubble Soccer is the perfect outdoor team building activity for all fitness and skill levels outside your work place.
Perfect for:  people who suffer from chronic boring team building activities, ex athletes in companies, Finance, Law.
Size: up to 10 players but as many spectators as you like

 7. Public Bath Houses

TeambuildingPublicbathingSeeing your co workers and managers naked might be a bit inappropriate or taboo however, if you are doing business in japan, these bathhouses is a part of the Japanese team building business culture. Also known as the ” naked relationships,” the Japanese believe that if you can expose yourself with great humility that you open yourself to open and honest business communication and to get you that much closer to getting that deal done.


Perfect for: People who do business in Japan, Japanese People , those that are comfortable with their bodies.

Size: As big as the tub can hold


Our list of top 7 Corporate team building activities has everything you need to make sure the workplace is never a snore. Which Ideas do you like?

Which Ideas are you going to try in your next team building outing?  Comment below


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