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Can We Just Play Against Our Own Company ?

Sure we can do that, just leave your details and one of our friendly team members will discuss something that can get your whole company involved


Cost effective way to get your company active and engaged.

contact one of our friendly team members to find out more!

How Many Games Do We Get?

Depending on how well you do when you crush your competition you can play a maximum of 6 times

We Just Missed The Date For One Of The Events?

No worries, Because our tournament spots are limited, we will let you know when the next tournament will be so you can compete in the next one.

How is Office Athletes Different Than Other Sports Competitions?

We are not a league we run tournaments that the whole office can be proud of click here to find out what all the fuss is about

How Long Are Your Events?

Our Tournaments run for about 3 weeks just like the Olympic games. We are here to help make work fun, even if that is crushing your competitors on the field.

Or we can do corporate events day just for your company

Location, Location, Location

We run every tournament in the city or close to

What Are The Times?

During Rush hour after work

Or speak to one of our friendly team members to find out how we can run sports team building activities for your entire company!

Can You Do Once Off Office Team Building Activities

Absolutely ! We love workplace team building activities and we will make your team building day a fun experience for everyone!

Office Athletes in the building

Tournaments Coming up Tournaments coming soon! Tournaments coming soon!
Dodgeball 6 x 6 Netball 7 x 7Beach Volleyball 3 x 3
Basketball 4 x 4 Indoor Soccer 6 x 6Indoor Volleyball 6 x 6
Amazing Race Touch rugby 7 x 7 AFL football 8 x8
Table Tennis Tournament Outdoor soccer 7 x 7 Touch American Football 6 x 6

Want Somthing Answered ? Ask Us Here Instead

Justine O.

Our company had a great time and we are looking forward to competing in future tournaments

Justine O.Deloitte
Steven S.

Office Athletes gives students like me opportunities to network and gain valuable work experiences.

Steven S.Student, Volunteer, UNSW basketball coach

What other Office Athletes have to say