Guest blogs featuring Olympic Athlete Becchara Palmer

2012 Olympian Becchara Palmer Discusses How Olympic Sports Can Help With Your Business

“Like in business and sports sometimes you need to take a chance as seen here from Becchara Palmer who dives for a loose ball at the London Olympic games”

Looking back at her successes they weren’t what she had expected; they were smaller but ultimately have had a more of a significance on her life since London.  Here are a couple of the biggest take-aways from her Olympic journey that can help any business go for gold.

Businesses and competing in sports at any level should all have a vision and a plan in place. Becchara talks about Setting a plan and understanding what each step looks like, and then go do it. Start from the end goal and work your way backwards to where you are now. This was the crux of there 2012 Olympic Campaign and had KPI’s that they needed to reach along the way so they knew that they were on track, or, off track. Either way it gives you the opportunity to take stock at any point and see if you are on the right path. This could be a Work in Progress document in the workplace, or it could be a weekly office meeting

Like being in Office Athletes, team work and having the right team around you is critical and is a fundamental in any successful team. It is very difficult to achieve amazing success without the help of a team. Before you start any venture, project or new goal, be sure to have the best team around you.

In business you need a good support team that understands their roles and keeps you motivated while empowering you with decisions to thrive. Becchara’s Olympic team consisted of athletes, coaches, video analysis staff, medical staff and psychologists. All of these team members had a particular role, and they were clear on what their job looked like. she found that having this clarity prevents wasted time and energy and gives each member of the team autonomy in their positions.

This is exactly the same in the corporate world. If your team is headed up by good management who are clear on the company goals, and each and every team members is clear on their role, the whole team will work in harmony. Having a team that works in synergy to the team’s goals is critical for great success.

Then when it comes time to perform, Being over-prepared is the best way to build your confidence. Actually DOING the work that you need to do to reach your goal is the best way you can be truly confident in your abilities. May I just emphasise that this is different from talking about doing, its actually doing. In her experiences it was the athletes that did more work who had the greatest success.

It’s just like business, if you prepare a week for a presentation you will feel far more confident walking into that board room, knowing your presentation is sharp, your slideshow is working, and your key messages are down. Rather than the “I should have done this” or “I should have spent more time on that”

Becchara has been an elite athlete since she graduated high school in 2005. In the lead up to London training was physically and mentally as challenged as she has ever been. That in itself ” lends itself to learning stacks about yourself, how you respond and what really matters to you.”

Beccharra Palmer Olympic Office Athlete ContributorOffice Athlete Team mate Becchara Palmer is  taken some time off, she recently had shoulder surgery, found a new teammate and now is getting back on track to qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Becchara works in an Advertising and PR agency in Adelaide, while  training 10 times a week. Connect and support our Austrailan athlete on her Facebook page


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