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How Do You Spot A Top Employee? Ask Them Which Sports They Play.

A year long study has revealed people who have played organized sports make better employees.

Over 500 professionals were surveyed as part of the study undertaken by Office Athletes, a team building sports organization based in Sydney.

Founder Oliver Lee says, “Being a former sports coach and now consulting with multinational companies has given me insight to what makes a high performing team. In every case it’s the coach/manager.”

Office Athletes undertook the study with the help of Sydney Roosters and Sydney Swans Psychologist Grant Brecht who agrees, “Most managers are high performers, promoted as a result of achieving results and not because of their ability to work as a team player”.

The study revealed 85% percent of professionals believe Athletes are better at working with one another and a further 90% say Athletes make better leaders.

“ Our study confirms playing a team sport provides a stepping stone to not only being a great team member in the workplace but an employee able to take the leap into a leadership role and ultimately become a successful manager”, says Lee.

For more information please contact:

Oliver Lee, Founder of Office Athletes 0415610541


*The research was also conducted with the help of Generation Entrepreneurs utilizing metric taken from a University of Indiana Study on student athletes in 4 different categories: communication, citizenship, relationships and leadership.