CEO Takes A DodgeBall To The Head

It’s not everyday that a CEO would take a ball to the head for their staff or for their company. Gary Ng is unlike a lot of CEO’s. His company E-Web Marketing who has placed top 10 on BRW’s best places to work for the previous 5 years believes that workplaces are more than just about profit and that we should all get there while having a bit of fun along the way.

(Gary speaking at a Tedex event about his experiences in establishing a culture where occasionally you might have to take one for the team, literally.)

Working and teaming up with companies like Linkedin, Groupon and E-Web Marketing who were and is currently still competing in our Office Athletes Sports Tournaments have shown us what it’s like to work together and perform even outside of the workplace.

These companies all have a very youthful workforce and one underlying common denominator, they all believe in their employees. It’s been an acceptable belief that happy employees produce their best work leading to happy customers.

So what can we tell from companies that participate in outside of work sports Competitions ?

1. Competition is Hard

Whether it’s Bubble Soccer or Dodge ball, companies that are competitive in their markets need to produce and retain competitive employees who can drive the business forward. Sports is perfect anecdote for how good teams operate and gives us key insights on which companies have tighter cohesion while trusting each other enough to want to compete and sweat for the names of their companies. Often times what makes great companies; “the perks” is simply a by product of culture and the team.

Companies competing in our previous Office Athletes Tournament

2. Work Hard, Play Harder

Linkedin is a perfect example of a company that is going through a lot of changes (hyper growth) but will always have their employees in mind. Whether its the 12 week transformation challenge or their Office Olympics in Sydney. They understand that health is not just a buzzword that gets thrown around during executive board meetings but the only way a workplace can function, employees are no good if their sick and dieing.

Gary Ng showing that CEO’s can take it and dish it. 

3. Winning !

Companies that work together and operates as a team can trump any individual star player sustained over a period of time. A good team takes a bit of work but a great team requires open communication and everybody understanding their own roles. (even if that’s taking a ball to the head.)

Office Athletes helps companies build culture by inviting them to compete against industry leaders and competitors through sports while our student bloggers and professional photographers shoot and write inspirational sports stories that can be used to inspire an organization.

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