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In the second week of bone bruising hits

As teams try to jockey for playoff positions, Photo Studio stays undefeated with their defensive play preventing any teams from scoring on them so far in the tournament. One of the more intense games of the tournament was Groupon and Linkedin Everydays match which was merciless as Linkedin Everyday sent the game into overtime to set up the one on one match in overtime to take the win by a shot.

Wrecking balls dispatched Bubble trouble with ease as Chris led the team with ground thumping hits to the Mac Bubble Trouble Squad. Mac Incognito also went undefeated as “Hairline” Hayden again triumphed as team finished (2-0) in sudden death matches beating out the winded Linkedin park team.

Mac Stressballs’ Daniel H. sent ASI rolling around in bubbles with the last goal ending in a score of 3-0, leaving them exhausted as each team charged at each other. During the second game LinkedIn came back and thrashed the exhausted but determined  Stressballs scoring a total of 4 goals! The last two minutes were intense with Stressballs trying to score one goal before the game ended with Kat’s amazing catch of the ball before it reached the whistle went off.

Rule amendment goalies are only allowed to have one foot in the goalie zone 

Get ready for playoff week where we are starting at 5:30 pm!

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Awards as voted by team members, volunteers and organisers.

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Bubble Soccer Tournament

Count Down To The Grand Finals!

Team Draws
Tuesday April 1st Wednesday April 2nd
Thursday April 3rd Championship
5:30 Aussie Commerce V Royal Wrecking balls (3-4)
5:30 Linkedin Sane V Linkedin Everyday 5:30 Photo Studio V Macq Incognito
5:50 Groupon V ASI (1-3)
5:50 Linkedin Park V Royal Wrecking Ball5::50 Semi Finals (5:30 Loser) V (Winner of Wed 6:50)
6:20 Linkedin Everyday V Macq Bubble 6:20 AMP V ( Winner of 5:30)
6:50 Royal Wrecking Balls V ASI (1-5) 6:50 (Winner of 5:50) V (Winner of 6:20)
Sarah A.

We had always wanted to do something like this. Office Athletes makes it very easy for us to participate and kick butt!

Sarah A.PWC