ALS Corporate Challenge

Because corporations are people too, Our team at Office Athletes wanted to use this challenge to further increase the awareness by calling  out 3 companies Linked, E-Web and Groupon. We truly believe these 3 great companies in Sydney Australia have the culture, creativity in it’s employees to further inspire ALS research and its causes.

Whether you think it is right or wrong  to use water to raise awareness for ALS is not the point. Simply raising awareness and donating to a cause is why most charities fall into financial hardship.  Usually, the person involved/donating does not have any emotional or physical connection to it. The ALS ice bucket campaign allows its participants to call someone out through social media or publically put pressure on them to donate or be dunked. In our case, Office Athletes friend and headless superhuman Jason Cermak assisted us in our campaign.

ALS, also known as the 5 neuron motor disease which attacks our nervous system, affecting our senses and debilitating our motor skills including our ability to walk. Late stages of ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s) suffers from dementia as well as not being able to eat.

Slam Dunk and Donate below !



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